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Who we are

Friends School Seed Sale is a function of Friends School Plant Sale, an annual fundraiser for Friends School of Minnesota.

Learn more about the school, the sale, why the 2020 sale had to be cancelled, and how the Seed Sale came to be here:

  • About the school:
  • About the sale:
  • About the seed sale:

Data collection

We do not collect any data about you except the data that is strictly necessary for you to create an order and purchase seeds from us. Once you submit your data it is stored in encrypted form in our database and only accessible to the volunteers who process orders. We do not perform any kind of analytics or targeting, nor will we sign you up to mailing lists unless you ask us to.

We will store temporary shopping carts as cookies in your browser. These cookies expire after a year, but you can clear them at any time.

Your credit or debit card information is processed through Square, using industry-standard tokenization and encryption. Your full credit card number is not shared with Friends School Plant Sale; Square merely gives us an “OK” message if everything looks good.

Above all, know that we don’t sell your personal information or give it away to third parties.

If you ever want us to tell you what personal information we have on file for you, or if you want to ask us to delete your information, please email and we’ll help you out.